Mission and Focus Areas

IUBCCI is the world’s largest non-profit organization of the bi-national (bilateral) chambers of commerce and industry and all of their Unions, Federations or Joint Business Councils in the world. Incorporated in the United States of America, IUBCCI is an international organization that was created to build a unified organization of all these entities to further a worldwide common economic interest and to develop the opportunities offered by the Global Economy. IUBCCI is devoted to support create a global economic harmony, helping small and medium businesses elevate their products and services, and highlight the important role they play in the US economy and worldwide.

World Forums

IUBCCI is hosting the annual World Congress of Bilateral Economic & Commercial Diplomacy.

Human Rights & Religious Freedom

Advocate for human rights, religious freedom. Challenge racism, xenophobia, antisemitism, and hatred in our own society today.

International Trade

IUBCCI is working with the public and private sector on facilitating targeted reforms and implement trade agreements.

Policy Change

Act as representative of the business community in front of governments and other national or international organizations.

Diplomatic Engagement

Acts as a liaison between the diplomatic community, government and the private sector. Bring to the forefront the activities conducted by the accredited diplomatic missions.

Global Security & Peace

Finding solutions to maintain peace and security in difficult conflict areas and overcome challenges and security threats.

Meet our team

Our leadership team is characterized by diversity, each board of directors member leading a different region across the world. The Council of Advisors is an advisory group formed by outstanding professionals with a broad mandate to advise the Chairman and the President on economic development and international affairs.

Manuel Oancia

Board member & President in charge

Business consultant and expert in international trade.

PhD. Prof. Nasty Marian Vladoiu

Board member & Chairman

President of the Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce from Romania

Marian Cohen

Board member & First deputy chairman

President of the Israeli Federation of Bi-National Chambers of Commerce & Industry

Jose Iacobescu

Board member & Deputy Chairman

President of the Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania-Lichtenstein and the President of B’nai B’rith Romania

Peleg Tahor

Board member - Middle East Region

Business consultant & President of ADA Group

Pasquale Di Gregorio

Board member - Europe region

Vice President of the Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Italy-Moldova

Nadjet Karabernou

Board member - WEST AFRICA region

President of the Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Romania-Algeria

Isabelle Vladoiu


Human rights advocate, Speaker and International specialist in human rights law

H.E. Ambassador Soorojdev Phokeer

Senior Advisor, IUBCCI Council of Advisors

Former Ambassador of the Republic of Mauritius to the United States of America

Phd. Prof. Jeong O. Park

Advisor, IUBCCI Council of Advisors

Professor, Head of the Department of Eastern European languages and civilizations at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea

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