The Trust mark Seal

The IUBCCI Trust Mark Seal is a badge that indicates that the person showing it, usually an organization or a company, is an appreciated business recommended by International Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce, and whose services/products present high-quality standards.  

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Benefits of the IUBCCI Trust Mark Seal

Highest Distinction

Only companies that are worth to be recommended internationally hold this seal. The Trust mark will clearly differentiate the company that owns it from its competitors.

Consumer Confidence

The trust mark seal will give consumers added confidence in your business practices while demonstrating that your services/products meet high-quality standards.

Increased awareness

Only few companies have the honor to hold the IUBCCI trust mark seal. The seal will increase the company’s visibility in the business environment and in its field of activity.

International Recommendation

The trust mark seal will give the assurance that the company’s products and/or services have high quality standards that are recommended internationally by IUBCCI.


The trust mark seal beneficiaries are present on the international platform of IUBCCI. We officially announce your partnership with us displaying your company business profile with direct link to your website.

Eligibility to hold the IUBCCI Trust Mark

Any type of registered company or organization can apply to hold the IUBCCI Trust Mark Seal. 

Upon an approval process, IUBCCI will determine whether the products/services of the company have high standards of quality in order to be recommended. 

The applicant will then receive the seal Trust Mark recommended by IUBCCI or Trust Mark Ambassador, by case, valid for 1 (one) year,  as well as a Certificate of Authorization.

The company will be given the exclusive right to display the seal on the products or services qualified, the company’s website, letterheads or any other place where it does business online (social media, emails etc.) 

If you have any questions regarding the seals or have questions regarding your IUBCCI partnership, please contact our team at

Types of Trust Mark Seal

IUBCCI issues annually two types of seals: 

– Trust Mark recommended by IUBCCI is issued for a company, whose services/products are worth to be appreciated and recommended by International Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry at an international level.

– IUBCCI Trust Mark Ambassador is issued for a single qualified product, that has to be representative in terms of quality among products of the same kind, in the same country. 

Trust Mark Recommended by IUBCCI


Trust Mark Ambassador Product