Mission Statement:

IUBCCI acts to foster the development of the commercial diplomacy concept from the perspective of non-governmental organizations, to defend and promote the interests of the bilateral(bi-national) chambers of commerce and industry around the world and all of their Unions, Federations or Councils, and to facilitate the understanding of diverse mentalities and cultures from different countries.

In this regard, IUBCCI:

  • facilitates the establishment of a secure climate of cooperation between companies in the bilateral chambers of commerce network, as well as the development and expansion of the already-established contacts between such companies
  • organizes  the  cooperation  among  members,  by  increasing  the  volume  of  information  exchange,  implementing a  permanent  interconnection between  their  business  databases, and  work  for permanent  contacts  among  the  member-companies of bilateral chambers of commerce
  • advocates the official authorities to facilitate business visits from one country to another and to develop international economic cooperation
  • promotes structural changes in the  economy of the countries of the bilateral chambers of commerce in accordance with the international economic criteria and the common accepted standards
  • assists the companies to settle their disputes in an amiable  way,  through Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods (ADR)  as  mediation, conciliation  and, if the parties fail to reach any agreement, recommends that the disputes be solved through arbitration
  • organizes courses, trainings, events, forums, conferences, seminars  and  other activities in  order  to achieve the mission of IUBCCI.

See also how IUBCCI helps directly the companies: