Creating a Secure Business Environment

IUBCCI is devoted to support create a global economic harmony, helping small and medium businesses elevate their products and services, and highlight the important role they play in the US economy and worldwide.

IUBCCI goes beyond providing information and opportunities for networking. We work on solutions, main focus being working with companies to obtain added confidence in their business practices and providing a platform for peer-to-peer leadership exchange.

To achieve that, IUBCCI initiated several programs to expand opportunities in a secure business environment as the Trust Mark Seal recommendation program, and Strategic partnership agreements.

Economic Forums

IUBCCI is hosting the World Congress of Bilateral Economic & Commercial Diplomacy. The Congress was created to promote good governance and strengthen the economic and diplomatic relations between states. The event attracts a cross-section of notable diplomats, government officials, business leaders and renowned experts in the fields of international law, diplomacy and trade. The event received accolades from the former U.S. Secretary of State, Hon. John Kerry, the Prime-minister of Romania in 2015 Victor Ponta, and from other government and non-governmental agencies.

The 2nd annual World Congress on Bilateral Economic Diplomacy took place on October 15, 2018 and got global attention by the media. The event brought together diplomats, government officials, presidents of bilateral chambers of commerce, leaders of international organizations and businessmen.

IUBCCI takes also an active role in other international conferences, forums and summits as the International Human Rights Summit at the United Nations, the Romanian-Turkish Business Forum, the Ukraine-EU Free Trade Forum, B’nai B’rith Europe “Bridges of Tolerance”, the annual Jordanian Businessmen Association (JDA) Forum, the International Black Sea Economic Forum etc.

International Trade

IUBCCI aims at promoting trade and multilateral economic growth, working with various stakeholders from both the public and private sector to achieve a common economic interest and expand the opportunities offered by the Global Economy.

Key strategies include trade facilitation – helping the integration of targeted reforms into global value chains (GVCs), and trade agreements – providing advice on technical details and support the implementation of commitments made through such agreements.

The President of IUBCCI, Mr. Manuel Oancia engaged in dialogue and worked with the former U.S. administration and President Obama on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

IUBCCI is also focused on helping SMEs understand how global trade agreements work, providing trainings and consultancy to various companies, as well as to consumer groups, environmental groups and civil society.

Global Security and Peace

IUBCCI joins the international community and global leaders who pledge for peace in the world.

IUBCCI’s executives participate in many forums, conferences, congressional hearings in which security stakeholders openly discuss solutions to maintain peace and security in difficult conflict areas and overcome challenges and security threats that many communities and countries face.

IUBCCI is one of the organizations included in the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) system, and has been invited to attend the International Peace Day 2016 in the General Assembly Hall and join former Secretary-General of the UN, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, as well as renowned Ambassadors of Peace, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Douglas and Stevie Wonder.

Advancing human rights and religious freedom

IUBCCI is a strong advocate for human rights and religious freedom standing up to hatred and religious intolerance, challenging racism, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism in the society.

IUBCCI is involved in the promotion of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other important international human rights documents, partnering for this purpose with several international organizations dedicated to the advancement of human rights education around the world as United for Human Rights, Youth for Human Rights International, UN Women, Malala Foundation etc.

In 2019 and 2018, IUBCCI co-sponsored the annual International Human Rights Summit at the United Nations headquarters in New York. The summit gathers annually almost 500 human rights advocates, diplomats, and government officials representing all continents.

Considering the religious, ethnic and cultural diversity of its leaders and members, and the challenges faced in bringing together under the same umbrella individuals and groups of different backgrounds, IUBCCI is committed to educate the business community across the world the importance of freedom of religion, conscience or belief and its positive impact to achieve a global economic harmony. IUBCCI thus joins the civil society organizations participants of the International Religious Freedom Roundtable in Washington, DC in the fight against religious persecution and advocacy for global religious freedom.

With the occasion of the 2nd annual Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, IUBCCI organized a side event on “Advancing Stability and Economic Development Through Religious Freedom,” with 75 participants, from Ambassadors, diplomats, U.S. federal government officials, foreign government representatives to religious leaders and representatives of other international organizations.  They all engaged in conversation to identify how religious freedom will help achieve sustainable, inclusive and equitable economic growth, creating greater opportunities for all. 

Other contributions are brought through publication of studies and articles on human rights violations, participation in community discussions and advocacy.

Diplomatic Engagement

IUBCCI is hosting working meetings with Ambassadors acting as a liaison between the diplomatic community, governments of different countries and private sector. In this sense, IUBCCI is aiding diplomats to understand the political, social and economic context driving the U.S. government policies, and the European Union system. Aiming to promote collaboration on key economic and national security issues, as well as to identify the common and complementary economic interest, IUBCCI works on strengthening the relationships among diplomatic, government and corporate leaders.

Since its establishment, IUBCCI has been actively involved in bringing to the forefront the activities conducted by Ambassadors, their successes and challenges in a globalized society. One of the tools that IUBCCI created to exchange perspectives and provide valuable insight on timely international issues is making publicly available a specialized magazine for Ambassadors, the Global Ambassador’s Journal, published two times a year (

The publication creates the opportunity for worldwide diplomats to express their opinion by writing articles or reports on current global challenges in foreign affairs, international relations and diplomacy. It aims to raise public awareness on the role of Ambassadors and offers a regular source of practical information and insights from the highest-ranking diplomats.

The journal was described in the media as the “voice of international diplomacy” and is highly appreciated at international level, being characterized by diversity, and bringing together so far more than 63 Ambassadors from various corners of the world who had the desire write in the journal and become a voice for their country.

Advancing Research and Development

IUBCCI is preoccupied with the advancement of research and development in various fields to achieve global progress and innovation. The research and case studies published by leaders of IUBCCI focus on a wide range of issues including trade, education, national security, international affairs, law, business, and human rights.

Among the contributions brought are: the innovation of the economic diplonomie concept, meaning double governance or double administration, and designed to explain the common basis for commercial relations between countries; the study of commercial diplomacy concept and its classification as a genotype of economic diplomacy; the analysis of the rights of nature and the importance of including them among constitutional rights, and others.

Engaging a network of experts on various issues, IUBCCI is up to provide the highest quality research, policy recommendations, and analysis on a full range of public policy issues.


IUBCCI is dedicated to form and train effective leaders in response to the growing need for trained experts in commercial and economic diplomacy, well equipped to navigate the global challenges and opportunities. For that, IUBCCI created the U.S. Institute for Commercial Diplomacy, a non-profit organization. The Institute offers professionals custom made trainings ranging from “Leadership in Diplomacy and Foreign Trade” to “Innovative Methods and Techniques in the Identification and Promotion of Products on the Foreign Markets,” “Modern Strategies of Communication in Foreign Trade and International Affairs,” and “Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette”.