Diplomats and business leaders from all over the world gathered to celebrate 3 years of activity of IUBCCI at the 2nd World Congress of Bilateral Commercial Diplomacy

More than 30 Ambassadors and Embassy staff attended the 2nd World Congress of Bilateral Commercial Diplomacy, along with local government officials, presidents of bilateral chambers of commerce, leaders of international organizations and foreign businessmen.

The Congress, organized by the Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce from Romania (UBCCR) together with the International Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry (IUBCCI), was held at Hotel Casa Capsa, a luxorious hotel featuring sparkling chandeliers and baroque furnishing, in the heart of Bucharest.

Distinguished panelists as the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine in Romania Mr. Oleksandr Bankov, the President of the Committee for Budget, Finance, and Banks, Mr. Marius Budai, the Founder & CEO of British Blockchain Advisory Council, Mr. Mru Patel, the Founding President of UBCCR, Mr. Jose Iacobescu, as well as the Chairman of IUBCCI, PhD. Prof. Nasty Marian Vladoiu, and the President of IUBCCI, Mr. Manuel Oancia, opened the Congress with speeches on commercial and economic diplomacy.

Unlike the first Congress that happened in 2015, the event was not a working conference, but an anniversary session in honor of the centennial of the Great Union of Romania and other several countries in Europe that celebrate it in 2018.

Mr. Manuel Oancia, President of IUBCCI, started the Congress with some opening remarks welcoming the guests and highlighting few key changes that IUBCCI implemented over the past year, starting with the publication of the 4th edition of the Global Ambassador’s Journal, the upgrade of all the asset websites, and the acceptance of IUBCCI in the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Then followed the remarks of Ambassador Bankov, Chairman Vladoiu and the other panelists.

“The bilateral chambers of commerce are important as non-governmental actors, but they are the official voice of the business community,” said Phd. Prof. Nasty Vladoiu, Chairman of IUBCCI. “IUBCCI brings all of them together in the idea of providing a worldwide secure business environment through commercial diplomacy,” he continued.

Awards were bestowed during the Congress to the Ambassador of Ukraine in Romania, H.E. Oleksandr Bankov, who received the IUBCCI Star, and to the presidents of bilateral chambers of commerce.

IUBCCI is the world’s largest business organization of the bi-national (bilateral) chambers of commerce and industry and all of their Unions, Federations or Joint Business Councils in the world. Incorporated in the United States of America, IUBCCI is an international organization that was created to build a unified organization of all these entities so as to further a worldwide common economic interest and to develop the opportunities offered by the Global Economy.

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