Chairman of IUBCCI, PhD Prof. Nasty Marian Vladoiu received on November 18th, 2016, a courtesy visit from Son Altesse Sérénissime Nicolas 1er, PRINCE OF SEBORGA.

The Principality of Seborga (italianPrincipato di Seborga) is a micronation that claims a 14 square kilometres (5.4 sq mi) area located in the northwestern Italian Province of Imperia in Liguria, near the French border, and about 35 kilometres (22 mi) from Monaco.[1]

The principality is in coexistence with, and claims the territory of, the town of Seborga (source: Wikipedia)

At the end of the meeting, Chairman of IUBCCI awarded S.A.S. Nicolas 1er with the IUBCCI Star.

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