During the period of October 14-16, 2016, the President of IUBCCI, Mr. Manuel Oancia together with the Secretary General of IUBCCI, Ms. Isabelle Vladoiu were in Las Vegas, Nevada, where they participated at the Official Launching Event of the newest company in the network marketing business, Game Loot Network.

Game Loot Network started operating in June 2016 and is already making a huge impact on changing the paradigm in network marketing. The novelty in the industry is that Game Loot Network’s product is a digital product, namely the mobile games.

In the few months since the startup, the company managed to gather a total of 20,000 business and gaming enthusiasts those involved in establishing the entity of Game Loot Network. Before the launch, their team worked for 3 years in developing the system, thinking and covering every aspect that could bring an added value to the organization and to the participants in their network marketing business. Game Loot Network leaders organize every day conference calls, trainings and live events in all the United States, making sure that they are mentoring the participants in the business about the mobile gaming industry, the network marketing platform and the opportunities provided. The Game Loot Hub app is an ever expandable gaming library and it can be downloaded for free from Google Play and Apple Store.

The President of IUBCCI, Mr. Manuel Oancia discussed with the owner and CEO of Game Loot Network, Mr. Lance Baker and the Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Christopher Hussey about the opportunity of a collaboration between IUBCCI and Game Loot Network, that could help Game Loot Network to expand into more countries and help as many enthusiasts in this area to make money by promoting their digital product.

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