On September 21st 2016 at the Merriweather Library in Buffalo, NY took place a dialogue between the original 15 organizations of the Buffalo Solidarity Movement Coalition and other non-governmental organizations.

The multitude of pro peace organizations have come together in Buffalo to form the Buffalo Solidarity Movement coalition. The primary focus behind the coalition is to work with city leaders to tackle the problematic issues of violence in communities, especially as it pertains to youth, and help them find decent jobs that will increase the economic potential in the area.

The International Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry was represented by Ms. Isabelle Vladoiu, the Secretary General of IUBCCI, who at the official invitation of the Erie County Legislator, Ms. Betty Jean Grant spoke in front of the distinguished representatives of the organizations present and, on behalf of IUBCCI, called for the leaders to help youth to become productive members of the society and transition from a reactive stand to a proactive stand.

Ms. Isabelle Vladoiu, Secretary General of IUBCCI with Erie County Legislator Ms. Betty Jean Grant.

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