On International Women’s Day 2016‬, at the initiative of the Secretary General of IUBCCI, Ms. Isabelle Vladoiu, SUNY Buffalo Law School and Women of SUNY Buffalo Law School organized an event with the global theme ‪#‎pledgeforparity‬.
The event had as purpose to raise awareness through both domestic and international students at SUNY Buffalo Law School, and the professors out there, that Gender Equality is an actual and important issue. At the event were submitted more than 100 pledges online at http://www.internationalwomensday.com/Pledge

President of IUBCCI, Mr. Manuel Oancia (right) and Secretary General of IUBCCI, Ms. Isabelle Vladoiu (left) wearing yellow on International Women’s Day 2016 while making their Pledges for Parity.

IUBCCI Chairman's message for IWD 2016

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