The Chairman of IUBCCI, PhD Prof. Nasty Vladoiu, also President of the Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce from Romania (UBCCR), together with Deputy Chairman of IUBCCI, Mr. Jose Iacobescu and IUBCCI Director, Mr. Tudorel Dobre had the honor of having as guest on Thursday, March 3rd, H.E. Mr. Hussain Sinjari, the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Romania, under the Project “UBCCR Ambassadorial Round Table”.

At the meeting, which took place at the Permanent Secretariat of IUBCCI, located in Europe, Bucharest, Romania, was discussed the topic of fighting against corruption, and what are the possibilities to achieve effective results.

His Excellency, Mr.  Hussain Sinjari, appreciated the endeavors of UBCCR into this issue and has brought to the attention of Our Chairman, that Iraq has the goal to find solutions to reduce the dimension of corruption existing there.

At the same time, His Excellency, discussed the strategy of Iraq on the bilateral economic and trade relations, showing that there are prepared some points to be considered true milestones for the beginning of a new way of conducting them.

Moreover, His Excellency appreciated the concept of Economic and Commercial Diplonomie launched by PhD. Prof. Nasty Vladoiu, being interested and asking more information about it.

PhD Prof. Nasty Vladoiu, Chairman of IUBCCI explained that this new concept consists of “the activity involving specialized operations conducted bilaterally with the aim of identifying and configuring the common and complementary economic interest – interest that can be achieved with support offered by the perspective of dual governance, dual administration, double responsible distribution processes – , and which has as purpose tightening the bilateral economic relations and promoting sustained economic development, by meeting on a long-term the national economic interest of each state”, being further agreed that the future bilateral economic and commercial relations to consider the application of the new concept.

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