From 18th to 21st of September, an important delegation from the Jordanian Businessmen Association (JBA) leaded by H.E. Mr.Hamdi Tabba’a, Chairman of JBA has been in Bucharest, upon invitation of Mr. PhD. Prof. Nasty Vladoiu, Chairman of IUBCCI and President of the Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce from Romania (UBCCR). The delegation included important Jordanian companies, members of JBA from various economic sectors, such as: industry, equipments, machinery, plastics, construction, metallurgy, transports, tourism, agriculture and zootechnics.

On this occasion,UBCCR with the support of the Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Bucharest, organized on September 19 at the Palace of National Chamber of Commerce of Romania, the First Romanian-Jordanian Business Forum, attended also by H.E. Mr. Munther Said Qabba’ah, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Romania.

The Forum session was conducted by Chairman of IUBCCI, Mr. PhD. Prof. Nasty Vladoiu. During the Plenary Session were also present and had speeches Mr. Tudorel Dobre, Director of IUBCCI and First-vicepresident of UBCCR and Mr. Mihai Burghel, Director for Africa and Middle East Area in the Ministry of Economy of Romania.

In their speeches, the high officials have underlined the very good, traditional relations existing between Romania and Jordan, in all the fields of activity, but also the fact that there is still a high potential for development of the trade and cooperation relations between the two countries, being necessary, at the same time, to encourage the mutual investments in economic sectors of common interest.

JBA President, H.E. Mr. Hamdi Tabba’a declared: “Jordan can be a gateway to the Middle East area, based on the Free Trade Agreement, covering an extended market of 300.000 inhabitants, as  Romania can be for us an open gate to the European Union, a country with a high potential for agriculture and with extremely valuable human and natural resources”. The Chairman of IUBCCI and President of UBCCR, PhD Prof. Nasty Vladoiu,  expressed the entire support of the organization he is leading, for the development of the economic-comercial bilateral relations, adding in the same time that is required a conjugated and sustained effort.

In order to strengthen the future relations between the two organizations  PhD. Prof. Nasty Vladoiu, in his capacity of President of UBCCR, confered to H.E Mr. Hamdi Tabba’a, President of JBA the title of “Honorary Member of the Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce from Romania”, pointing out that H.E Mr. Tabba’a will be thus the first honorary member of UBCCR.

At the Business Forum was signed also The Cooperation Agreement between UBCCR and JBA, which shall provide the necessary long-term development of cooperation relations between the two leading organizations for the benefit of the companies they represent.

After a beautiful introduction, which paraphrased a part from the speech of the great sculptor Guguianu held at the Picture Gallery of the World Bank according to which “in romanian culture, often, the friendship is shown through gifts ”, PhD Prof. Nasty Vladoiu offered to H.E Mr. Hamdi Tabba’a a piece sculpted by the maestro Marcel Guguianu. Chairman of JBC, H.E. Mr. Hamdi Tabba’a was very impressed by the gesture and gratified both the UBCCR President PhD. Prof. Nasty Vladoiu and all the team of UBCCR for their professionalism and implication that leaded to the success of the Forum. The event was followed by an exchange of plaquettes between the members of the board of the Forum, from the two organizations.

The Working Program for 19th of September included also the meeting between JBA’s President, H.E. Mr. Hamdi Tabba’a, the UBCCR’s President, also Chairman of IUBCCI, PhD Prof. Nasty Vladoiu and UBCCR’s First-Vicepresident, Mr. Tudorel Dobre with H.E. Mr. Varujan Vosganian, Minister of Economy in Romania.

The following day, UBCCR organized for the Jordanian delegation visits to important industrial sites, to successful romanian companies, as follows: visit to ROM WASTE SOLUTIONS – a company for collecting, recycling and recovery waste, visit to TITAN MAR – producer and exporter of marble and other construction materials, visit to STAR STORAGE – IT company, offering  high professional software services, but also processing, storage and securing of data and visit to GRIRO S.A., romanian company producer of heavy equipments for industry.

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