IUBCCI is a non-profit international organization that reunite under its auspices the entire system of the Unions, Federations and Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the world, as well as the Joint Business Councils and other national Organizations of the Bilateral Chambers of Commerce or other similar entities which have as mission the promotion of bilateral trade and commerce, the bilateral economic diplomacy and the exchange of culture and humanity.

IUBCCI was created in an effort to build an unified entity of all these organizations and to provide a form of business network, an international organization of business cooperation whose purpose is to further a worldwide common economic interest and develop the opportunities offered by the Global Economy. 
For better & worldwide opportunities | For a secure business environment | For uniform communication of bilateral chambers of commerce | For constancy of ideas in different parts of the world & cultures | WE focus on needs | WE focus of results | WE focus on change | Because safety comes from knowledge | And... WE believe in a BILATERAL ECONOMIC DIPLOMACY !
First Deputy Chairman
Deputy Chairmen
Manuel Oancia
United States of America

Isabelle Vladoiu
United States of America
Marian Cohen
President of the Israel Federation of Bi-National Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Lord Yashar Hassan Abbas Helmy
Extraordinary Ambassador of Peace and Goodwill - Council of Arab Unity and International Cooperation
Lord of Holme, UK
Jose Iacobescu
President of the Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania-Lichtenstein
Sorin Bouaru
AFRICA Directorate
Pasquale Di Gregorio
EUROPE Directorate
Hamdi Tabbaa
Honorary Deputy Chairman
Peleg Tahor
Middle East Directorate
Nadjet Karabernou
Karim Marzouk
PhD Prof. Nasty Marian Vladoiu
-President of the Union Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry from Romania
-President of Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania-Ukraine

Curriculum vitae
Thus, was launched the Resolution of Establishment and the MoU was signed, documents by which the vision was embodied, and now we can speak about a powerful international organization, based on the understanding of different cultures and business mentalities, on the interaction of all around the world business environments and on the desideratum to resonate with the expectations of all those who credited IUBCCI with their energy, support and professionalism, so necessary for a successful project.

The legal incorporation of the entity in 2014, in the United States of America, turns IUBCCI into an organization that provides an additional guarantee in respecting the rights of all its members and a real possibility to consider themselves, anywhere in the world, at home.

IUBCCI’s strength is based on the intrinsic value of each member and on the power of the partner institutions and governmental or non-governmental organizations, regional or international, with whom the vision, mission and strategy of IUBCCI are materialized and become possible.

PhD Prof.  
Nasty Marian Vladoiu
I have always believed in the power of the union of people gathered for the same goal and in the necessity of understanding their so different mentality, in order to achieve  projects with an international dimension, in any field, moreover in the economic diplomacy, the key of succes in a globalized world, with asymmetric  challenges,  marked by the perspective of the new era paradigm metamorphosis.
In 2012, at the invitation of my counterpart, Jaime Aron, President of the Federation of Bi-National Chambers of Commerce, to participate in the International Conference of Bi-National Chambers of Commerce in Israel, I was glad to see that my vision of establishing an international organization of all bilateral chambers of commerce and industry, not only was welcomed, but it was received with great opening by those with whom we form, today, IUBCCI.
International Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry

An unique gateway
for the development of bilateral economic trade & commerce
Objectives and Purposes
foster the development of the bilateral economic diplomacy concept
defend & promote the interests of the Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry
aim at the development of cooperation among the business circles of the Represented Parties, as well as the business circles of non-members countries
promote structural changes in the economy of the countries
of the Represented Parties
influence legislation to stimulate the mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of production, trade, services, finances and investments
act as representative of the business community in front of governments and other national or international
IUBCCI acts  to  foster  the  development  of  the bilateral  economic  diplomacy  concept,  to  defend  and  promote  the  interests  of  the  Bilateral  Chambers  of Commerce and Industry and to facilitate the understanding of  different  mentalities  and  cultures  of  the  business  environments, all over the world.

- promotes  structural  changes  in the  economy  of the  countries  of  the  bilateral chambers of commerce  in  accordance with  the  international  economic  criteria  and  the common accepted standards;

- assists the companies to settle their disputes in an amiable  way,  through Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods (ADR)  as  mediation, conciliation  and,  if  the parties  fail  to  reach  any  agreement, recommends  that the disputes be solved by arbitration;

-  organize courses,  trainings,  events, forums, conferences,  seminars  and  other  activities  in  order  to achieve the mission of IUBCCI.
In this regard, IUBCCI:
- facilitates the establishment of a secure climate of  cooperation  between  member-companies  of  the  bilateral chambers of commerce, as well as the development and expansion of the already-established contacts between such companies;

-  organizes  the  cooperation  among  members,  by  increasing  the  volume  of  information  exchange,  implementing a  permanent  interconnection between  their  business  data-bases, and  work  for permanent  contacts  among  the  member-companies of bilateral chambers of commerce

-  lobby to the  official authorities  in order to help facilitate  business  visits  from  one  country  to  another,  and for  the  purpose  of developing the international economic cooperation;

What is IUBCCI Trust Mark Seal?

IUBCCI Trust Mark Seal is a badge, image or logo that indicates that the person showing it, usually an organization or a company, is an appreciated business recommended by International Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce, and whose services/products present high-quality standards. 

Why is worth to have a IUBCCI Trust Mark Seal ?

IUBCCI's aims are to contribute to the development of worldwide trade and commerce, and through its network of chambers of commerce support in a secure business environment, the promotion of companies with potential, in order for them to have acces to the international market.

An IUBCCI Trust Mark Seal will thus:
- help the company which owns it to differentiate itself from competition;
- increase consumer confidence it company's products/services;
- increase the company's visibility in the business environment and in its field of activity;
- give the assurance that the company's products/services have high quality standards;
- offer great opportunities for marketing, the company's logo and website link being constantly present on the international platform of IUBCCI.

How many types of IUBCCI seals are available?

Two. IUBCCI issues annually two types of seals:

- Trust Mark recommended by IUBCCI is issued for a company, whose services/products are worth  to be appreciated and recommended by International Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry at an international level.

- IUBCCI Trust Mark Ambassador is issued for a single qualified product, that has to be representative in terms of quality among products of the same kind, in the same country.

Who can apply to hold IUBCCI Trust Mark Seals?

Any type of registered organization can apply to hold the IUBCCI Trust Mark Seals.

Who can qualify for the use of an IUBCCI Trust Mark Seal?

Upn an approval process, IUBCCI will determine whether the products/services of the company have high standards of quality in order to be recommended.
The applicant will receive the seal Trust Mark recommended by IUBCCI or IUBCCI Trust Mark Ambassador, by case, valid for 1 (one) year,  as well as a Certificate of Authorization, whereby the company will be given the right to use and apply the seal on the products/services qualified.

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